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As collectors of vintage and classic cars we are often asked where we find them.... The answer in many instances is auctions of course. So here is a review of our  haunts, supplemented by some yet to be visited.


Auction house


Buyers Premium

Star rating
Richard Edmonds A transport auction Chippenham. Good venue friendly auction .  Growing in size with good range of cars & bikes and enormous automobilia section. Always accurate with descriptions. 12% incl VAT ****
Bonhams A top auction house with top cars but something for everyone. London based but great auctions venues. Goodwood, Hendon, Harrogate,Brooklands plus international. Friendly & helpful. Purchased a number of cars from them. Tim Schofield gave a very accurate description for a phone bid. Our doggie was allowed into some venues. 15% ****
Mathewsons  Thornton Le Dale. Yorkshire. Museum and 7 a year auctions. Excellent. Helpful, straight forward and friendly.  7%   ****
H & H Buxton based specialist. Well established and growing. Usually a wide range of cars bikes & automobilia. Nice venue = other locations, Duxford etc. Purchased both my Alvises from them ( one above) Gave a good phone description for my MG PA 10% ***
Brooklands Brooklands Historics Weybridge. A good venue at the old race track. Friendly and helpful .....### 10% **
Anglia car auctions Car auction specialist with several classic auctions throughout the year. Friendly lot, gave an accurate description for a phone bid. Good service and can arrange transport.  Armstrong Siddeley from here. 5% ****
Barons Established company with a venue at Sandown race course and others monthly. Mostly classics but increasing number vintage entries 10% **
Reeman Dansie Colchester. Not a car auctioneer but general often with cars. Riley nine from here. Helpful and friendly. We sat in the Riley in the auction room bidding for violins, they even allowed our Springer Spaniel in ! 15% ****
Dorset Vintage car auctions Friendly marquee venue at a steam railway. Good selection of vehicles and automobilia. Helpful 10% ***
Coys London based dealers with various auction venues. Ok but found some of the staff rather patronising to female buyers. 15% *
Lambert & Foster Our local auction house in Paddock Wood. Until recently an annual classic car auction, we purchased a car (or 2) every year from them. Lots of fun and banter. Still do occasional interesting sale. 7.5% ****
RM auctions In conjunction with Sothebys. USA mostly but London also. Catalogues about 70 !!!! 15%  
Brightwells  Leominster.  Always a wide selection of vehicles. Commercial auction venue.  BEWARE: I recently purchased a pre war Riley with a phone bid having previously asked for a description over the phone. Simple and precise questions asked from the "specialist" were  answered inaccurately. Either the "specialist" did not take care looking or was avoiding accurate answers to make a sale ?? I have since heard of others with the same problem. 10% *
Keys Norfolk based general auctions with regular transport section    
Classics Central  Bedford. MK44 2PY. Fairly new classic auction house.    
Cheffins Tractors, lorries, cars bikes, steam regular auctions, East Anglia and elswhere.    
Charterhouse Sherborne Dorset based. 4 Car auctions a year, at Bristol classic car show  and Sherborne castle 15%  
Simon-Charles auction Simon Charles Group Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. General auction house with car division. 5%  
Silverstone  Four a year 10%  
SWVA South West auctions. Poole. Four a year in a regular car auction house. Charged 10 for a phone bid 5%  
Morris Leslie  Perth PH2 7TB. An general car auction house with 4 a year classic sales.    
Hobbs Parker

 Ashford Kent. Regular car auction house with occasional classic/vintage car/tractor  auctions.....###


  Most auctions are transparent and straight forward with their sales: However there are still some that list cars with a low estimate, lower than the reserve. This practice is misleading and probably illegal. You should be able to purchase at the listed price if there are no other bidders. There are two on my list found to be doing this at the time of my bidding.  .marked..###




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