Springer Sisters Classic Family transport photo archive

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Lucas car 10.JPG (23696 bytes) 1934 Riley Monaco. Owned by George Lucas Trottiscliffe Kent. He laid it up on blocks during the war and there it stayed until given away in the late 1970s. Lucas car 12.JPG (57589 bytes) Austin 7 Chummy. 1925. In the Lucas family until late 1950s. Lucas car 16.JPG (32315 bytes) Standard 10 1947.
Lucas car 11.JPG (21258 bytes) Lucas car 9.JPG (25886 bytes)
Lucas car 3.JPG (49089 bytes) G.N cycle car/Frazer-Nash 1920s. Dismantled 1950s. The engine remained in a shed in the garden Lucas car 2.JPG (35881 bytes) .

Hupmobile 10 circa 1913. This car was dumped near Goudhurst Kent, I am told

Lucas car 13.JPG (29182 bytes) The Lucas sisters and Morris 8s 1935 and 1947
Lucas car 4.JPG (38521 bytes)
Lucas car 6 bw.JPG (40064 bytes) 1904 Siddeley at Eastbourne Lucas car 8.JPG (51134 bytes) Standard Teignmouth 1920s ? Lucas car 14.JPG (31474 bytes) Austin 10 1935
Lucas car 15.JPG (22612 bytes) Packard 1938 Lucas car 18.JPG (32320 bytes) Morris 10 series 1938 Lucas car 17.JPG (27745 bytes) Singer Junior 1926 ?
Lucas bike 5.JPG (32992 bytes) Kate Lucas on ? Lucas bike 3.JPG (41091 bytes) ?? Lucas car 7.JPG (32487 bytes) 1924-25 American ?
Lucas bike 1.JPG (35297 bytes)
Lucas bike 2.JPG (39185 bytes)   Lucas car 5.JPG (21053 bytes)   Lucas car 1.JPG (34678 bytes)  
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