Springer Sisters Classic 

Lea Francis 14 Sports 1949

Lea-Francis 14hp Sports 1947 - 1949

The first example in October 1947  The engines were considerably uprated, with high-lift camshafts, twin carburettors, and 8:1 compression on all except the early units. The chassis was the same as the saloon’s, only a foot shorter, with the beam front axle and rod brakes. In spite of the weight of just on a ton it performed extremely well, and an enthusiastic road test in The Autocar reported a top speed of 87mph and quick acceleration, with steering and brakes to match. only 111 of these cars were produced, making way for the 2˝ litre car in 1949.  46 in the Club and other known survivors.Engine: 1767cc  87bhp Wheelbase: 8' 3" Track: 4' 4"