A Springer Sisters Classic 

1949 Lea Francis Woody

 Shooting brake, station wagon, estate car, utility, countryman, traveller and woody all names used for the multi function vehicles. Although around since the 1920s became popular after WWII when cars were in short supply and there was 33% purchase tax on cars. Woodies were classed as commercial and were tax free. By the early 1950s purchased tax regulations changed. There were many different body builders constructing woodies on chassis of Alvis, Lea Francis, Austin and others. This 1949-1950 Leaf has the standard approved wooden body mainly constructed by APA but this one apparently by AP Motors, Stoke Row. Coventry. First owned by a dentist in Glasgow. Later after restoration used in a Scottish estate. Its last MOT was at Balmoral Garage! Used also in the TV series Strath Blair.

With a Lea Francis twin can OHV engine of 1767cc this large vehicle goes well and is a delight. Very comparable with an Alvis TA14.