A Springer Sisters Classic 

1934 MG PA sports

The P Type MG Midget was launched in March 1934 as a replacement for the J2, and was claimed to have 100 new and improved features. It was powered by an all-new SOHC engine of 847cc, the standard output of which was 36bhp, which was sufficient to power the lightweight two-seater to 60mph in 32.3 seconds and on to a very creditable top speed of 76mph. The four-speed non-synchromesh gearbox had been strengthened and improved to cope with this new level of power and the brake drums increased in size from 8- to 12-inches in diameter for the same reason. The front suspension included Hartford friction dampers while the rear featured transversally mounted hydraulic units, while the newcomer rode on centre-lock wire wheels. A total of 1,973 MG PAs are said to have left the Abingdon plant before the model was supplanted by the incoming PB. The cost new was 222.