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PM108 Double neck guitar
An early 20th century double neck harp guitar by Otto Body. Innsbruck. 6 standard guitar string + 7 open "harp" strings. A bolt on adjustable angle action neck. Maple back and sides. Some old but sound restorations.


PM106 Klotz violin
A violin labelled and possibly by George Klotz. Mitten. Back length 35.6cm.Good general condition. A repair to the table. Later neck adjustment or replacement. For stringing/set up. RESERVED


PM104 Parlour guitar
A late 19th century parlour guitar. Bone ended brass tuners. Mother of pearl inlay to the sound hole. Nicely figured back and sides. Playing order.


PM102 Violin
 A 19th century German violin labelled Andrea Castagnari. 1744. A one piece back. In good general condition.. 36.2cm back.


A Spanish bandurria by Casa Gonzalalez. 1932. Peg tuning. Good general condition.



PM98 Harp guitar
A 15 string harp guitar circa 1930 by L. Langecker. Munich. Various restorations but sound condition. 450   SOLD
  PM91 Kit violin
A 19th century dancing masters kit violin or pochette. Good general condition.



PM89 Lute guitar
A German made lute guitar circa 1900. Sound condition. needs re stringing





PM87 Keyed bugle
A copper and brass keyed bugle. Six keys. In good restored condition. No makers name apparent



PM83 Square Concertina
Mid 19th century square concertina by Henry Harley. "Improved" model. Good general condition and plays..


PM76 D'Amore
A rare violon D'Amore by Thibouville Lamy. Pasris. Early 20th century. 4 melody strings (violin tuned) and four sympathetic strings under the fingerboard. Sound conditon, some varnish scuffs etc around the bridge "tower"


PM74 Early Violin
A violin labelled Carl Christian Meisel. Worked at Klingenthal, Saxony 1761-1772. Has had the neck replaced and the scroll grafted as is normal for this age violin. The label seems to have been altered to 1891 for some reason (repairer?) A plainish crack free back. Various repairs to the table and ribs. plays nicely. Length of back 35.2cm.





  PM107 Fretless banjo
 An English 7 string fretless banjo circa 1880. All original brass shoes, square tension nuts, and tuners with bone buttons. Burr walnut finish to the headstock and pot. Inlaid fret markers. Currently set up as a five string. Stamped J C Lucas under the perch pole.


PM106 Mandolin
An early 20th century guitar shaped flat back mandolin with decorative back. Playing order. Good general condition. Various wear from use. Replacement scratch plate.


PM103 Parlour guitar
A late 19th century parlour guitar Manuel Huller. Graslitz. Figure eight head stock. Peg tuned. Minor restorations, patinated finish.


PM101 Violin
A mid 19th century German violin. 35.5cm back. A patinated finsh. Two repairs to the table. With a Strad label.




PM99 Ukulele
An early 20th century ukulele by Juan Gomez. Barcelona.. Playing order.


PM97 Benaries banjo
A John Grey 5 string banjo Benaries model. Etched brass resonator and pot. Good general condition. Some wear on the fingerboard.


  PM86 Slide guitar
A rare double neck lap steel guitar. 1950m.  SOLD
  PM88 1/8 violin
A late 19th century 1/8 size violin. One piece 10 inch back. With a case.



PM86 Banjo by Matthews
. 250 SOLD
PM84 Daniels Banjo
A late 19th century 6 string banjo by Daniels. Patent all metal pot model. The Octave string runs through a tube to the headstock. Good general condition.


PM80 Mandolin
An unusual bowl back mandolin circa 1900. Probably Neapolitan. Made with an aluminium back. For use in tropical climates to avoid warping and splitting. Good general condition. With an Egyptian distributors label.


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