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PM56. Four bowl back antique  Italian mandolins.

Circa 1890-1920.  As a job lot or separately

See below

350 the four or as priced on the pages.

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PM54  Howell violin
An original interesting rare violin by Thomas Howell. Bristol. 1836. Good general order




Awaiting photos




PM52 Portuguese guitarra

PM50 Spanish guitar
An attractive 19th century Spanish guitar with multi banding mother of pearl inlay to the sound hole and edges. Fan strutting table construction. Brass tuners with pearl buttons. Labelled .M.Llbobet. Barcelona (retailer?) The table is uneven with some cracking needing restoration.    350  RESERVED

850  when renovated

PM48 Russian violin
A Russian violin possible by Rigart Rubus, St Petersburg circa 1850. With typical rounded edges. A nice example but some ageing to the finish


PM46  Keech Banjulele
Keech ukulele banjo. Serial number 3892.  Birds eye maple back. Plays OK.


PM44 Antique banjo
PM42 Wooden Banjo
A wooden tenor banjo/guitar. Labelled Fender " Bedpanjo". Good general condition. Some refinishing restorations done. Body width 33cm


PM40 Mandolin
Shield shaped flat back mandolin circa 1910. Some minor restorations. Fairly low playing action. 


PM38 5 string violin
Five string violin. Lions head finale and pie crust outline. 650 RESERVED
PM36 Violin
A character full 19th century possibly Scottish violin. With the traditional slightly ridged back. A patinated finish but no cracks apparent. Labelled Caspa da Salo 1589.


PM34  Musette
A rosewood Musette (small oboe) by Jones. Commercial Road. London. Probably late 19th century. A minor repair to the main joint. The key needs adjustment.


PM32 Antique clarinets
BM31 Frame violin
A late 19th century frame or practice violin. Good general condition.


PM29 Northumbrian pipes
PM27 Ocarinas


PM25. Flute parts
A Ruddall Carte rosewood  Flute. Circa 1899 .Boehm System, closed G#. Serial 3135. 25 Berners St. London


  PM23. Flute parts
PM21. Guitar


PM19 Flute

PM17 Keyed Bugle
PM15 Tenor banjo


PM13 Clarinet


PM11  Theorbo lute guitar
Early 20th century, bow back, Swedish style. 12 string: 6 standard guitar and 6 bass strings. A small piece missing from the sound hole decoration.


PM09.   Cittern/ English guitar
PM07 Ebony Flute
  PM05. Stroh violin
SOLD but possibly another example soon
PM03 ophicleide

A 19th century 9 keyed ophicleide for restoration. Stamped: Guichard. Paris. Various dings, a couple of rips. One key missing. No crook.


PM02 Stroviols Phono fiddle

A good example of a one string Stroviols "Concert" phono fiddle. Plated brass horn. Playing order.




Mid 19th century German parlour guitar. Mother of pearl inlays to the sound hole and edges, the back with delicate flower decoration. Scalloped finger board. Good general condition and playing order. A repair to the headstock.


PM53 Fretless Banjo
A quality 19th century 7 string fretless banjo. Ebony fingerboard. 12 inch pot. Patent adjustable metal perch-pole.


PM51 Violin
An old violin possibly mid 18th century. Neck graft. Labelled Stenhan Thir. fecit. Vienn anon 1741.(or 1771) unclear. Some repairs to the table. ink line purfle. Back length 57cm


PM49  Bowed Zither
A 19th century violin shaped bowed fretted zither of German origins. Good general condition. These  are strung the reverse of a violin. Could be played as a fretted fiddle.


PM47 Clarinet
A mid 19th century ebony and ivory English clarinet. Indistinct name stamp. Possibly by Alexander. Liddle of Devonshire St, London. Good general condition. The top key removed and hole blocked (cork) 66cm length. Key Bb.


PM45 Leicestershire small pipes
Leicestershire small pipes by J. Goodacre. Purchased directly from the maker some years ago but little use since. Key of D 



Currently new  about 800+


PM43 Minstrel Banjo
A fretless 5 string open back English banjo circa 1860s. Screw tensioners on a wooden hoop. Vellum width 11inches From Reuben Reuben's collection.



PM41 Baritone saxophone
A baritone sax, early 20th century. Paul Cavour. Invicta Model. Italy. In need of a good clean and pads etc. The low key has been mislaid, so  as is for:-


PM39 Parlour guitar
A charming 19th century narrow bodied guitar labelled Stowasser. A fine sound hole rose of intricate mother of pearl. In good general condition. No cracks but the lower table joint and a back joint have been re-glued. Bone ended brass tuners. Some wear to the finish on the back. fairly low playing action. String playing length  61cm. Width at nut 4.4cm.      450

PM37 Martin Horn
16 horn schalemi Martin Horn. 3 piston valves plus cross over valve. 66cm length. Good general order. 2 squeaky notes (easily fixed)


PM35. Bassoon


PM33 Flute
An antique 8 key rosewood flute.  Nickel keys, and mounts. The tuning slide works. It blows OK to the low notes. No cracks apparent. Pads old.  No makers name.


PM30 Apollo lyre guitar
A rare early 19th century Apollo lyre guitar for renovation


Or 2800 when restored.

PM28 Rosewood Flute
An ebonised 9 key rosewood flute. Jos Rouscher. Munich circa 1930. Tuning slide. Blows OK down to the low keys. One low pad missing. No cracks apparent.


  PM26 Chanter
  PM24 Flageolets etc
PM22 Nyckelharpa


PM20. Banjo-mandolin


PM18 Harp Mandolin
A hollow arm harp mandriola (12 string mandolin). German circa 1910. Low action. The table is slightly wavy and pitted.



PM16  Concertina


PM14 Violin
  PM12 Parlour guitar
PM10   Boxwood clarinets
PM08. cor anglais
PM06 Clog fiddle


PM04 Fretless banjo by Matthews,
PM01 Bandonion
A good quality, large early 20th century bandonion with case. Playing order



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