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The  Musical Instrument Collection

on-line museum

A private collection of stringed and other instruments for reference and interest.  Not for sale

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Unusual violins violins 2, violas, cello Viols, cittern,  hurdy-gurdy Horned stringed  Banjos Zither, harp, dulcimer Ukulele plus. Mandolins
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Guitars. archtop & tenor Guitars. Early & unusual Harp guitars Ethnic Freereed Woodwind Brass. .Martin Horns. Schalmei
Banjo information SERPENTS Early 19thc Hybrid stringed instruments   Hardanger Fiddles Pochette and kit violins Metal violins Violas, viols, gambas
Early banjos. Wooden tops        Decorated violins Curious violins mute violins and guitar shaped Violin Fakes

 Springers museum on-line of all sorts of interest


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Traditional music.  Playing music from Ireland, England, Scotland, Europe & America, including a bit of Ragtime and Swing.





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