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Ballard horn. Rudall Carte. C1900 French horn with detatchable bell 1930s Helicon tuba.  by Bohland & Fuchs. Graslitz Early 20th century. Flugel. 4 rotary valve. Circa 1900 Keyed bugle circa  1830 by Cooper. Otley.
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An early form of Cimbasso or contra bass trombone. Circa 1865 by  W. Stowasser Sohnne Graslitz. 4 rotary valves.  5 valve euphonium ophicleide by Gautrot 19thC Double bell euphonium C1910  USA Early 20th cornet by Higham. Highly etched

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Serpent circa 1835 by Huggett. London. 14 brass keys.

Cornett. Wooden, leather covered by . Monk.

Serpent by Key, London circa 1810

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