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Unusual Violins violin 2, cello. Cittern, hurdy-gurdy
Guitars banjos Tunbridgeware
Mandolin Zither, harp Ukulele

Archtop F hole guitars of  the 1950s & 60s

G Hofner C.JPG (29251 bytes) G Hofner CB.JPG (22132 bytes) G hofnrbassS.JPG (24453 bytes) G Hofner President.JPG (41307 bytes) G Hofner V.JPG (22628 bytes) G Hofner Vthin.JPG (25931 bytes)
Hofner Committee  thin 1965 Hohner Senator bass 1967 Hofner President circa 1957. Hofner Violin electric 1960s Hofner Verithin 1960s
G Aristone.JPG (27386 bytes) G framusBR.JPG (25512 bytes) G ekobass.JPG (21943 bytes) G Grimshaw1.JPG (26321 bytes) G Grimshaw Plectric.JPG (29692 bytes)
Aristone C1960 Framus Black Rose C1958 Eko violin bass 1960s Grimshaw arctop C1950 Grimshaw Plectric 1957
G Burns f.JPG (41125 bytes) G Burns b.JPG (33708 bytes) G GibsonL48.JPG (24338 bytes) G Mitchigan.JPG (24421 bytes)
Burns T2 1970s Gibson L-48 1950s Mitchigan 1950s
Tenor guitars
G tenor Martin.JPG (24502 bytes) G tenor Gib.JPG (23549 bytes) G tenor pear.JPG (25991 bytes) G tenor  regal.JPG (27144 bytes) Gt National tri.JPG (32038 bytes) G tenor chords.JPG (24567 bytes)
Martin TG flat top1930s Gibson archtop 1930s Pear shape C1910 Regal resophonic style 1927 National tri-cone resophonic tenor Early 20thc USA. press button chord attachment
Lapsteel & others
G lapsteel Framus.JPG (38836 bytes) G lapsteel elect.JPG (30152 bytes) G slide.JPG (32547 bytes) G lapsteel Hofner.JPG (31164 bytes) G contra bass.JPG (22873 bytes) G elect-acoust.JPG (33668 bytes)
Framus Wakkiki lapsteel 1940s. 1940s lapsteel slide Early 20thc slide guitar. Unknown origin. Hofner lap steel C1960s Contra bass guitar. 1.6M  tall. C1930s 1970s electro -acoustic. Japan

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