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Unusual Violins violin 2, cello. Cittern, hurdy-gurdy
Guitars banjos Tunbridgeware
Mandolin Zither, harp Ukulele
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Late 19thC German 18 string double neck harp guitar. Gibson Harp guitar C1910 9 string. Georg Tiefenbrunner. Germany 1880s
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12 string bow back bass lute c1900 Harp guitar C1820. Levien. Paris Bass lute guitar C1890 Double neck Bass guitar. 15 string. Gewa. Mittenwald, Germany
G Wappen double.JPG (42380 bytes) G Wappen double b.JPG (38547 bytes) G Wappen double h.JPG (36321 bytes) A page about early 19th century instruments
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Wappen ( shield shape) 15 string. 1935 Germany Hans Kerschensteiner What is a harp guitar ? ref Greg Miner 

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Traditional music. Barndance band, Irish/ Scottish ceilidhs.  Ho-downs, Banquets. !!!!

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