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Tunbridge ware banjo collection

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This is a rare collection of 11 Tunbridge ware banjos. They are all fretless examples dating from 1850 to 1870s and probably made in the same workshop. They are all 6 or 7 string instruments, 3 of which are piccolo banjos . 

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Tunbridge ware was made in workshops in and around Tunbridge Wells, nearby hamlets and Tonbridge , Kent, UK. 17th to 19th centuries. Consisting of inlaid  woods (like mosaic but very fine work) as pictures or geometric patterns on all sorts of wooden objects, like boxes, paper knives pencils and writing slopes, it was general sold to visitors to the  spa or wells of Tunbridge . Banjos were less prolific than other items.

More Tunbridge ware banjos in the collection

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Circa 1860

Example with machine tuners. Later 19th century 1870s 80s

A very rare 8 string Tunbridge ware banjo Circa 1870(two on the side) 

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B TW19r.jpg (18189 bytes) 7 string circa 1870

Two more piccolo banjos


Piccolo banjo brass pot . c18960s

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