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Unusual Violins violin 2, cello. Cittern, hurdy-gurdy

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Guitars banjos Tunbridgeware
Mandolin Zither, harp Ukulele
5 string banjos
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Riley-Baker. Patent. All Aluminium 5 string.

Wilks circa 1900. Unusual with a sound hole in the vellum. Made until 1914

A Temlett . All metal pot circa 1890
Windsor banjos
B Windsor goldB.JPG (23452 bytes)B5 Windsor gold.JPG (19345 bytes) Bf bass.JPG (27977 bytes) Br Windsor f.JPG (25788 bytes) Br Windsor b.JPG (22417 bytes) B5 piccolo windsor.JPG (25401 bytes) B piccolo + bass.JPG (45036 bytes)
Windsor Whirl C1920s (back) Windsor 5 string  bass banjo. Early 20thC Windsor Whirl circa 1930 Windsor piccolo Circa 1910 Bass & piccolo banjos

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B5 Harmony seegar.JPG (19482 bytes) B5 zither decor.JPG (22360 bytes) B5 zither short f.JPG (29612 bytes) B5 zither short b.JPG (25280 bytes) B5 etched rim.JPG (25771 bytes) B5 etched rim r.JPG (27014 bytes)
John Grey. Benares model.C1930 Harmony  folk long neck 5 string zither banjo circa 1890 Short scale zither banjo C1900

Fretless banjos & 7 string

B5FL Ward.JPG (23611 bytes) B5FL Ward h.JPG (19089 bytes) B5FL 2 f.JPG (26447 bytes) B5FL 2 s.JPG (19220 bytes) B7 script vellum.JPG (27006 bytes) B7 script vellum  b.JPG (28020 bytes) BTW 18 8string neck.jpg (18397 bytes) BTW 18 8stringfs.jpg (14489 bytes)
Ward  C1890 Un-named fretless 5 string with 12 inch pot. Parchment head banjo. Circa 1890 Tunbridge ware 8 string circa 1870 Minstrel banjo plated Halden. c1860
B7 FL1 burr walnut F.JPG (31094 bytes) B7 FL1 burr walnut b.JPG (24887 bytes) B6 tware f.JPG (29944 bytes) B6 tware b.JPG (28944 bytes) B Tware zigzag.JPG (28629 bytes) B Tware zigzag h.JPG (26693 bytes) B TW 6 piccolo.JPG (29650 bytes) B TW piccolo picture2.JPG (22857 bytes)
B7 FL1 burr walnut h.JPG (23470 bytes) Fretless 7 string. Burr walnut pot. Circa 1880 Tunbridge Ware Circa 1960 Tunbridge Ware type. C1860. 6 string unusual headstock. 12inch pot. Geometric Tunbridge ware 6 string piccolo banjo. Circa 1860 Tunbridge Ware piccolo 5 string tack head banjo C1850s
B7 f 01.JPG (27375 bytes) B7 f 02.JPG (24417 bytes) B7 tunbridgeware f.JPG (31070 bytes) B7 tunbridgeware n.JPG (33844 bytes) B Casino.JPG (29035 bytes) B Casino b.JPG (28100 bytes) Wooden top banjos
& string zither inlaid Tunbridge ware C1870 Wooden " Casino" banjo Circa 1830s.  Wooden 5 string. C1840s, later frets and tuners.
BTW 18 8stringf.jpg (17583 bytes) BTW 18 8stringb.jpg (15380 bytes) BTW 18 8stringfs.jpg (14489 bytes) B7 metal fs.jpg (16490 bytes) B7 metal tp.jpg (36489 bytes)
Circa 1860s 7 string. German silver finger board, hooks  and pot.
A rare 8 string Tunbridge ware banjo. 2 octave strings. c1860 B7 metal fb.jpg (45766 bytes)
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