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The tenor banjo collection plus mandolin &  banjolin

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Unusual Violins violin 2, cello. Cittern, hurdy-gurdy

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Guitars banjos Tunbridgeware
Mandolin Zither, harp Ukulele
Tenor & Plectrum banjos
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Gibson TB. " trap door " 17 fret. 1921

Orpheum No 3 1916. Short fret

 Majestic. Chicago 1921 19 fret
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Broadcaster Paramount heel. Paramount C 1926 John Grey. Benares model
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Clifford Essex. Plectrum banjo Jedson

Epiphone Alhambra Recording tenor 1930s

Circa 1930 French  twin neck tenor and mandolin banjo.
Mandolin banjos & banjolin & Bass banjo
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J.T.L mandolin banjo

Broadcaster mandolin banjo Pollman banjo mandoline 1890 Windsor Whirl bass. Circa 1930s 
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