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Unusual Violins violin 2, cello. Cittern, hurdy-gurdy
Guitars banjos Tunbridgeware
Mandolin Zither, harp Ukulele
WW flute ivioru cahusac.JPG (36910 bytes)  Ivory one key by Cahusac mid 18th century
WW flute 3 ivory.JPG (14443 bytes) Ivory flute with silver mounts. Circa 1806
WW flute 3 bw ivory.JPG (14710 bytes) Black wood flute, ivory mounts
WW flute 2 Bw.JPG (14092 bytes) Boxwood flute with ivory mounts
WW flute 1.JPG (15487 bytes)
WW Bw fife picc.JPG (17882 bytes) Boxwood fife & piccolo 19th century.
WW Flute-picc case.JPG (40722 bytes) Flute & piccolo set circa 1890. 
WW D flage.JPG (20945 bytes) WW D flage b.JPG (18812 bytes)
Boxwood flageolet circa 1810
Reed. single
WW Alto clarinet.JPG (25319 bytes) WW swannee sax.JPG (21133 bytes) .WW tarogato 2.JPG (14760 bytes) WW Bass clarinet Ramponi a.JPG (28042 bytes) WW Bass clarinet Ramponi b.JPG (30192 bytes) WW tenora.JPG (20639 bytes)
Alto clarinet C1920 Swannee sax Taragato. C1900. Hungary Bass clarinet. All metal double skinned body circa 1890 by Rampone . Milan Tenora. Spain C1910
WW 1  clarinet Bw case.JPG (49693 bytes) Ww clarinets boxwood.JPG (43904 bytes)
Boxwood clarinet, ivory mounts circa 1850
Double reed
WW oboe 1.JPG (18407 bytes) Ww oboe boxwood.JPG (17496 bytes) WW mussette 6key.JPG (16968 bytes) WW oboe 2 case.JPG (43464 bytes) WW 3 bassoons.JPG (28028 bytes)
Oboe 1880s Boxwood oboe circa 1790. London. Mussette. Circa 1890 Rosewood oboe circa 1900 by Hawkes & Son  Fagottino or piccolo bassoon. c1750
Tenor bassoon C1880
Bassoon circa 1840s.
WW bassoon 1800 a.JPG (14775 bytes) Bassoon Circa 1800
WW bassoon 1800 b.JPG (14087 bytes)
WW bassoon 1840 a.JPG (15394 bytes)
WW bassoon 1840 b.JPG (14485 bytes)
WW bassoon 1900 curl a.JPG (15780 bytes)
WW bassoon 1900 curl b.JPG (15943 bytes)
WW bassoon Besson a.JPG (17404 bytes)
WW bassoon Besson b.JPG (15779 bytes)
WW bassoon Key a.JPG (13760 bytes) Key, London
WW bassoon Key b.JPG (13241 bytes)
WW picaroon a.JPG (14475 bytes) Picaroon 18th century
WW picaroon b.JPG (14397 bytes)
WW Tenor  bassoon a.JPG (14277 bytes) Tenor bassoon circa 1850
WW Tenor  bassoon b.JPG (14683 bytes)

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