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8 note alto 16 horn alto 2 chord 5 horns
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16 horn. 4 valve with semi tones 16 horns 3 valve, chord playing 8 note  treble 4 horn treble
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4 horn bass, wrap around. 4 notes

4 horn bass

16 horned baritone   1.2 metres tall


 Martin signal horns... schallmei. Valved free reed multi- horned . The company originally produced railway horns . Then a 4 horned car horn, this was then given valves to use as a basic musical instrument. Originally produced from 1907. Popularised as a band instrument in the 1920s by the German communist party. There are still bands playing these in Germany. 

Photos: Right Communist party 1920s-30s ?. Below left 1970s band. Below right Midget band circa 1910

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Other companies made multi car horns. The four horn from Belgium 1909

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Two tone sports signal horn

Schalmei ( Baß, Sopran, Alt, Bariton, Begleitung)

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