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Unusual Violins violin 2, cello. Cittern, hurdy-gurdy

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Guitars banjos Tunbridgeware
Mandolin Zither, harp Ukulele
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Bowed zither GermanyC1880 Chord zither Germany 1910 Mandolin zither Germany early 20thC


Bowed zither or table violin. C1860


Hungarian board zither
Z half !.JPG (30636 bytes) Zd bandura f.JPG (34300 bytes) ZD Kantele 1.JPG (35688 bytes) Z bowed triangle.JPG (33066 bytes) Z bowed triangle s.JPG (24832 bytes)
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Zither. Saltzburger form 19thC Bandura Kantele from Finland Violinett, bowed zither. Tiangular section. bu Pugh. circa 1900.
Concert zithers
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.Concert zither. Austria 1865 Concert zither. Austria 1860s Harp style concert zither. Markneukirchen. Germany Z harp concert n.JPG (25471 bytes)  


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Z stossel.JPG (48157 bytes)

Stossel bass.JPG (47822 bytes)

Stossel lute zithers. Germany 1920s

H Celtic.JPG (43153 bytes) H Dital f.JPG (46881 bytes) H Dital b.JPG (34598 bytes) H harp lute.JPG (44981 bytes) H Table 2.JPG (36490 bytes)
Celtic harp . Chicago 1911

Dital harp. 1816 Edward Light . London.

Harp lute C1820 Table harp 1860s
L 6 course.JPG (30142 bytes) L theorbo f.JPG (30002 bytes) L theorbo h.JPG (22603 bytes) . .
Theorbo or bass lute . .

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