Useful shipping tips when buying at auction.

  Some UK auction houses will ship purchases for you depending on the item.                    However many will not pack and send instruments as they are often bulky, vunerable and difficult to pack safely. Most auction have recommendations of carriers on their websites.
Collecting from the auction house yourself is obviously best.
If you have purchased numerous or bulky lots a carrier may be best. A good way to find on is on line where agent sites such as "Shipley" can put out tenders for the job. I have watched prices halved as carriers lower their prices competing for the job.
 For smaller jobs or international transport "Mailboxes etc" can be good. They are a franchised company so each office quotes their own prices.  So ask for quotes. In London I had 4 quotes to collect pack and send a guitar. Lowest 40, highest 115 !! Haggle with them. Costs for a guitar e.g. a collection fee 10, packing  and materials 20 , carrier Parcelforce (or other) 20(more international). The best I had recently was from Perth, 3 banjos for 44. Newcastle was very good as was Enfield (got the violin next day!) Most are good some rather slow. Generally very well packed. Always confirm by email, not verbally.

Just one exception   Mailboxes Piccadilly MANCHESTER. I had discussion before the auction of various costs e.g 3 guitars 60 good! I purchased 3 lots 4 instruments (only one guitar). I emailed what I wanted sent.  10 days til pick up, 115 to send. When they arrived one item missing. I was told it was in the garbage (it was for restoration) which had been collected. Later they "found it" but wanted another 35 to send it or they would take it back to the auction house. (breach of contract) Total 150 a carrier quoted 120!

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