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Melophone circa 1840 French. Eight row of buttons played with left hand. The bellows pumped with right hand.

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Unusual Violins violin 2, cello. Cittern, hurdy-gurdy
Guitars banjos Tunbridgeware
Mandolin Zither, harp Ukulele
FR bass.JPG (27727 bytes) FR concertina Lachenal.JPG (30251 bytes) FR melodeon 1900.JPG (49128 bytes) FR Melodeon-pianokey.JPG (64313 bytes) FR concertina white.JPG (41739 bytes)
Cello concertinaRock Chiddley  c1860 Lachenal Edeophone. English system concertina 1925 Melodeon circa 1910 Melodeon with piano keys early 20th century German Viceroy anglo concertina. 1920s

FR harmoniflute.JPG (55582 bytes)

FR fluina deco 1.JPG (55876 bytes) FR fluina deco 2.JPG (82823 bytes) FR Acc Sigvio soprani.JPG (96673 bytes) FR ButtonAc Ranco Luigi.JPG (118097 bytes) FR flutina Buisson 2.JPG (84452 bytes)

Buisson Harmoniflute. Lap organ. circa 1880s

Flutina. Mid 19th century French melodeon/accordion. Piano accordion Circa 1920. Sigvio Soprani. Italy Ranco Luigi button accordion Circa 1910 Flutina .Buisson, Paris. C1850s
FR acc 1890.JPG (83807 bytes) FR bandonion a.JPG (87097 bytes) FR Soprani 3 rowf.JPG (58738 bytes) FR Rock Chiddley 2.JPG (50888 bytes)
Button accordion. Austria C1900 Bandonion. 1930s German Silvio Soprani. 3 row diatonoc accordion.  C1850. .Henry Harley  Circa 1933 Rare Soprani Luttbeg accordion. The bass side has a keyboard instead of buttons.
Martin horns

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Traditional music. , Irish/ Scottish ceilidhs.  Ho-downs, Banquets. !!!!

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