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Pepperboxes are multi-barrel guns usually percussion revolving barrel pistols from the 1840s. Early attempts of multi barrel guns were made with flintlock by makers such as Collier but hand rotated. Often fairly small pocket sized weapons favoured by gamblers



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A large percussion pepper box revolver circa 1840s. Six fluted barrels of 6 1/2 inches. 12 inches overall.

 A six shot pepperbox percussion revolver.  Stamped 7 December 1843. Registered by JR Cooper No 86.  Under hammer ,self cocking and chequered walnut grips

 Another Coopers Patent six shot under hammer pepperbox. The percussion hammer is part of the ring trigger lever.

A six shot Pepperbox revolver by Allen & Thurber, circa 1840s. 6 1/2 inches long

 A six shot Pepperbox revolver by Allen & Thurber, circa 1840s. 7 1/2 inches overall. 

An 80 bore Belgian four shot pepperbox revolver, Liege Proof circa 1845. Turn off etched barrels, under hammer ring trigger and bone grips.
A Sharps Patent four shot Derringer pistol 1860. The pin is offset in the hammer and revolves to the side of each barrel when firing. Barrel length 6cm.
A small six shot pinfire revolver circa 1870. Folding trigger. Ebony grips. 4 1/2 inches long.