Springer Sisters Car mascot collection

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  Alvis hares of the 1920s. There are various versions.   Stylised accessory mascot sometimes used on silver eagle Alvis Firefly c1933 Silver eagle   Speed 20/25 Alvis Firebird c1934 Alvis Running Indian 4.3 Alvis
Alvis Eagle various 1930s



Armstrong Siddeley Sphinx. By the 1930s they were fixed to the bonnet with radiator caps under the bonnet.

Rolls Royce Kneeling lady c1934 and sprit of ecstasy MG Midge Jaguar. pre war above (Desmo)One of the post war below The Riley Ski lady  1930s accessory mascot for the Alpine AC Greyhound. Humber Snipe. by 1937 with new mascot regulations a rubber beak was fitted to the Snipe Salmson Gladiator Guy Indian



Minerva Rover. Viking King Albert, Belgium. Excelsior Hispano Suiza storks Swan. Singer? Triumph Gloria 1930s
  Old Bill. Bruce Bairnsfathers cartoon character from the WW1. car (left) and motor cycle (right) mascots made until 1930s. Early ones on bronze/brass, later nickel and some chromed.  
Cock a snook 1920s accessory mascot


Hermione the witch 1920s


Aeroplane and aviation mascots, always popular
Schnieder trophy






"Bonzo" the dog Felix the cat "Little black Sambo" cartoon character of 1920s. Dinky Do


Mascots of  commerce  Mr & Mrs Maymore from May & Padmore Xmas 1925-26 The well known Michelin man comes in various forms  
Golf man. Dunlop

TAF the copper Bobby by Hassll. The head is porcelain and can be moved as can the helmet. Early 20thc Hassell  " The aviator" Early 20thc without the moving head. Berlington Bertie John Bull
Mythical creatures    


 Pegasus Winged Sphinx Mermaid
Flapping bird, articulated wings. Owl in the moon
Four legged
Desmo spaniel MACK bulldog
Desmo salmon