The Serpent inn         

 A wonderful little pub in the depths of the Kent country side dating back to 16th century the Serpent is a mystery to many but a joy to those who can find it.

 Open mainly in the summer months with a delightful open rear seating area with lots of nooks and crannies. Inside as you would expect is abundant with beams and amazing decor of artifacts. Often visited by morris dancers and various musicians who play jolly good music at free for all sessions. Good real ales can be had (no lager here) Timothy Taylor, Harveys, Shepherd-Neame and of course Springer Best from the micro brewery to name but a few. In traditional style, cheese and ham rolls are often available.





The outside ship wreck Galleon bar. The Nancy Lee (left) complete with cannons and ships fittings.

The pulpit (right) is good for quiet solitary drinking and pulpit bar (above top)

To the rear of the pub is an old garage and forecourt, now integrated in the pub but still retaining its old features including a 1920s petrol pump, even some vintage cars. At time vintage car clubs meet here.

Dogs of course are very welcome, there is always a water bowl and doggie treats.


This old building has interesting features including arched lattice windows, but one notable is the bell tower. It is thought that the building was a school in the 19thc the bell strangely from Ohio, USA dates from 1886. It may be that in earlier times the Serpent may have previously been a brewery and pub servicing the old coaching route it is on.

TThe local  Dancers most  frequenting the Serpent Inn are.......The Three W's... the Wild Wealden Women



    Sadly for some  the Serpent is accessed only when visiting the museum complex  


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