The Springer Sisters

Music from Ireland, England, Scotland, Europe & America, including a bit of Ragtime and Swing. Based near Tunbridge 01892 835191

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Dill Pickles Rag

Blue Mountain Rag and Cherokee Shuffle

Hammerschmitts Waltz

Springer Sisters mix 1.My Darlings Asleep. Padraig O'Keefe. 2.Pernod Waltz. 3. Fat Boy. by Carole Noakes. 4. Haste to the Wedding. 5. Escape from Telemark by Pamela Wilson.
An Album ; The Springer Sisters Band 1.The Friendly Visit/ Sunshine hornpipe: 2.The Teetotaler: 3.Step and Fetch Her 4.: Da Slocket Light 5. Its a Sin to Tell a Lie.

The Trailer"Eight Legs On The Road". The film of activities of the Springer Sisters and Springer spaniel Mellstock, involving vintage cars, collecting, morris dance and Rock n Roll. Here are parts 1,2, 3 and 4 of the first episode 2006). This was to be the first of 12 episodes for television. Sadly our sponsor Bert Bridgeman died so it went no further. Our thanks to Ron Turr for much of the camera work and "Treacle" Tony Russell for the voice over. The theme tune , Fat Boy by CaroleNoakes.

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8 Legs on the Road. Part 1: A bit of an obsession

Featuring Springer Sisters band. Collecting. Kempton Park market. Reuben Reubens. Car collecting.
Featuring Shoreham Rock n Roll club. Tom Dean and BCA classic Car Auction
Part Three: Featuring Kits Coty Morris. Collecting and The Veteran car Brighton run.
Featuring Gypsy John. Swing and Lindy hop dance. Collecting instruments. Kits Coty Morris Mummers play.
Other 8 legs sections:-
Mike Parker
Taro Takeuchi
Chris and Alce Yelf
2. DANCE plus
East Peckham Silver band. Weald of Kent Morris. Classic cars.