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This is Douglas, the star of the website. It is with great sadness that on 20th May  2004 Douglas suddenly became ill and died. He was 12 but acted like a 2 year old up to the end. He will be sorely missed by many us and his many admirers. He was an amazing person, a great character, friendly to all, and a loving and loyal  friend to us.

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Douglas drum.JPG (31517 bytes)

Douglas Helicon.JPG (55116 bytes)

 I comes up from Alabama...

Brassed off with them

 So, even I can drum up sum bizzness

I havent enough puff for this one.

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Douglas fifes.JPG (36944 bytes)

Douglas harp guitar.JPG (48499 bytes)

Douglas mandolin.JPG (47711 bytes)

Is this a chellefiddle ?

Ennee meeny minee

  Just another old wooden box

If only Captain Correlli could see me

Douglas melodeon.JPG (51501 bytes)

Douglas sax4.JPG (50949 bytes)

Douglas tuba 1.JPG (29300 bytes)

Douglas Uke guitar.JPG (42209 bytes)

Pump puff squeek, wot for?

   I likes a bit of chocolate jazz 

  They are in here somewhere

Ahhh, more my size

Douglas sarangi.JPG (41010 bytes)

Douglas face.JPG (34519 bytes)

Douglas4horn 1.JPG (28724 bytes)

shattered.JPG (37037 bytes)

Is this a weird one or wot !

They have run out of choc drops

.I cant get the hang of this one

Its all so tiring. ZZzzzzzz


Mel Mandolin 3.JPG (36885 bytes)

Ello I'm spose too be modlin now, but I dunno wot to do. Where do you chew it ?

Mel cornet 3.JPG (30998 bytes)

Hmm this one smells of chocolate.

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