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 A page of archive photographs of Pamela's ancestors, relations and others ! 

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Don Rico's "Gypsy" band. C1930?  Kate Lucas, trumpet (next to bass player.)

Don Rico band.JPG (24638 bytes)

Coliseum stage set

Don Rico stage.JPG (34418 bytes)

Don Ricos bathing beauties !

Don Ricos bathing cossies.JPG (39533 bytes)

The Coliseum, London,  cast and orchestra charabanc outing circa 1920. Two of the Lucas family in the orchestra.

Colleseum outing.JPG (20983 bytes)

.Kate Lucas playing trumpet

Kate fanfare.JPG (19037 bytes)

Kate Lucas's friend. we like the collection !

Collection.JPG (22582 bytes)

Albert Kersley's solo band. Jazz band 1920s . 2nd banjo player Jim Coker.

Albert Kerseys Solo Band.JPG (32167 bytes)

Syncarmony Jazz band  . Banjo player. Jim Coker 

Syncarmony band.JPG (32711 bytes)

Supreme Novelty Orchestra. 1920s

Supreme Novelty orchestra.JPG (24400 bytes)

 Not the Black and White Minstrel Show !

coon band.JPG (19375 bytes)

Sunderland Empire 1930s ?

Sunderland Empire.JPG (28858 bytes)

Alf Lucas french horn (my Grandfather).

French horns.JPG (14828 bytes)

Lucas family musicians, circa 1910. Bess (french horn), Emily (flute), Grace (cello), Alice (violin) and Kate (clarinet?)

3 silly faces.JPG (22428 bytes)

Lucas wind.JPG (15568 bytes)

Lucas violins.JPG (20927 bytes)

Lucas cello.JPG (27228 bytes)

Eastbourne Orchestra 1930s. Alice , violin ( second from the right)

Eastbourne orchestra.JPG (20161 bytes)

Lucas Family band,  Kent  C1910

Lucas family.JPG (17653 bytes)

Emily Lucas. (Coker) C1905 

Lucas Emily.JPG (6712 bytes)

Eastbourne Orchestra. Alice Lucas

Eastbourne orchestra.JPG (20161 bytes)

. Big collars.JPG (16525 bytes)

Hilda Wards Band

Hilda Wards band.JPG (18581 bytes)

Barn Owls barn dance band Reading, circa 1967. Mostly Wilson family. Pauline accordion (my Mother) centre.

Barn Owls band.JPG (21419 bytes)

Pamela's School band 1980s!

St Stephens band.JPG (42542 bytes)

Kate Lucas. Church organist for many years,  Trotiscliffe, Kent

Kate organ.JPG (17662 bytes)


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