A  guide to tunings of stringed musical instruments


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Many references are from Grove Dictionary of Musical instruments


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Violin & 

viol family

Violin GDAE .
viola CGDA .
cello CGDA octave below viola .
Double bass. EADG   5 string basses with a low C .
Viol treble D G C E A D .
Viol tenor G C F A D G .
Viol bass D G C E A D .
Viola d' amore Common tuning as C minor or C major chord .
Quinton G D A D G .
Hardanger fiddle A D A E.. symapthetic strings D E F# A .
Nyckelharpa G C (drone) A D (keyed) traditional  Often C G D A for chromatic
Guitar family
6 string EADGBE standard Lots of other tunings.
12 string Ee-Aa-Dd-Gg-BB-EE .
Tenor CGDA  or GDBE or DGBD long. GDAE short scale 
Bass EADG .
Ukulele D tuning  A D F# B. C tuning  G C E A A or G string high octave
Tenor uke A D F# B. .
Baritone uke D G B E .
Cittern-English guitar   EE-DD-GGG-AAA Various other tunings
Cittern modern CGDAE or DGDAD  various others short scales GDAEA.  GDAEB 
Cittern Waldzither . .
5 string or G octave G. CGBD standard or  GDGBD. open chord. Bluegrass
Tenor 19 fret CGDA  Standard tuning tuning 17 fret GDAE  Irish
ukulele D tuning  A D F# B C tuning  G C E A
mandolin banjo GG DD AA EE         8 strings.   banjolin 4 string same
Plectrum CGBD  or DGBE (guitar) .
Guitar banjo EADGBE .
6- &- 7. string banjo Tuning often as 5 string (with octave peg)  plus extra low end strings tuned to suit,
Mandolin family
Mandolin GG DD AA EE 12 string mandriola GGG DDD AAA EEE
Mandola CC  GG DD AA  .
Ocatave mandola GG DD AA EE .
Mandocello CC GG DD AA .
Bouzouki Irish Gg Dd AA E E  most common used .
Bouzouki Greek. Ee-BB-EE 6string or  Dd-Gg-BB-EE 4string .
Balalika E E A. piccolo  B E A. Alto E E A. Bass E A D .
Charrango EE-A A- CC-E E -GG Regional variations
Oud or ud AA BB EE AA DD  G .
Appalachian dulcimer Melody strings G C drone strings .
Concert zithers.. Vienna tuning    
Munich tuning Concert zithers  
Bowed  zither ,Concert zithers
springerslogo.JPG (3406 bytes) Traditional music. Barndance band, Irish/ Scottish ceilidhs.  Ho-downs, Banquets. !!!!