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 Decorated violins

 Carved heads, inlaid decoration. carved backs, decorative purfling.

An early 20th century Hardanger fisddle from Norway. Also known as Harding or Hardingfele. With 8 strings. 4 running in a gap underneath the fingerboard. Penwork decoration and inlaid with mother of pearl. By Steniar Anderson.
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  An interesting violin circa 1870 inlaid with mother of pearl on the edges and fingerboard. Well made with a close curl maple back.
19th century Barvarian fiddle with carved mans head. Darkened from new to give it and aged look.   Circa 1850 German with a carved lions head finial and chequered edges.


An attractive early 18th century French violin made with birds eye maple sides and irregular curl maple back.   Circa 1870 German violin with Mozart's head as a finial.
A 18th century Maggini style violin with double purfling  and decorative purfling to the back.
Mother of pearl set in mastic within decorative purfling. Mid 19th century.   Castles and branches carved on the back of this Barvarian fiddle circa 1850.
An early 19th century Maggini style violin with double purfling.  An attractive marquetry castle scene on the back and an old mans head finiale.
 More details to follow
An early 20th century Maggini copy with decorative pufling and a delicateley carved peg box.   An early 19th century violin with carved demon headstock finial.

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