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There are many strange, quirky and unusual violins in existence. One of the more unusual and rare types are the metal instruments and made for various reasons. Here are a few:-

1. A copper violin. Circa 1800 made to play, probably as an apprentice piece.

2. Made of pewter (right) This instrument is totally of pewter including the neck, pegs fingerboard, tail piece and even the bow. Probably an  early 19th century apprentice piece. Far to heavy and vulnerable to play.

3 Brass violin. (below left) A late 18th century "church violin". Made by a local metalwork craftsman for use on the church band before the coming of reed organs in churches. This example was later used in a shop sign, the back of the scroll flatted to fit on a board.

4. Brass viola. (below right) Another "church" instrument, this one made by a craftsman more enlightened to the construction of violins.

Other  metal violins seen are a silver example presentation instrument, a factory made pressed brass violin 1920s from Czechoslovakia for folk music, an aluminium violin by Aluminium Musical Instrument Company, Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1930s  and of course the tin plate toy.


  Some brass"violins" were made by travelling tinker. knocked up quickly generally for decoration
A tin plate fiddle circa 1780 in the Finchcock collection for years. Rather crudely made, perhaps originally  a shop sign, although it does play.

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