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Unusual Violins violin 2, cello. Cittern, hurdy-gurdy
Guitars banjos Tunbridgeware
Mandolin Zither, harp Ukulele
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Tamburica, Yugoslavia early 20th century Lira, folk fiddle. Greece. 19thC Balalika. Russia. Bass, tenor, & piccolo sizes. Domra. Russian..
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Guzla. Yugoslavia Bandura. 

Asia Minor and 

North Africa
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Dutar. Afganistan ? Rubab. Afganistan. bowed. 19thC Saz. Turkey Black sea fiddle Oud type lute Egypt ?. 19thC.

      Indian sub

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Sarina or saroz ? .rubab bowed. Sarod. North India .plucked. Sarangi. 2 sizes. Folk fiddle. Bowed Eth16
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. ."Japannese" Zither. India . Rabab. Pakistan 19thC Bowed .

Far East

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Banjo. Japan 19thC moon guitars. L/hand gekkin. Japan. R/hand yuch cn'in. China Drum . Borneo 19thC  Hu ch'in China .
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Sung. Thailand  Eth25 .Pi pa. China . .
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.Lyre. Ethiopia  Bow Harp. Nigeria . . . .suissen. Morroco
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Eth30 Eth31 Eth32
South America
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Charrango. Bolivia. Armadillo backs . . . .

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